Efficient logistics at a call

Avoid superfluous stock thanks MP logistik warehousing: We are glad to be available as a storage location and we offer all of the appropriate services such as transfer, storage and disbursement of goods, commissioning of logistic information processing and holistic supply-chain solutions. These solutions make your logistics efficient: From our expertise, our experience, and the mass of good is where economic benefits with disbursement of steps in work. Save yourself time and cost. We will take on your supply anywhere in Germany within 90 minutes and we are for you there 24/7 with our own hotline.

Frost-protected storage

We integrate warehouse services into the supply-chain for procurement and distribution using various commissioning processing and warehousing strategies such as FIFO, LIFO or MHD. Our trained storage logistic experts are also trained for packaging your goods just right for transport and foil once again if the load is separated. The goods are supplied with our own fleet tracks at call. We invested in a new sovereignty shop for our 1,350 square meters of storage area. Furthermore, our warehouse is heated and alarme, which means that it is suited for frost-sensitive and goods endangerd against theft. Don’t forget, our shops are always clean and cared for.

Full service logistics

Let us pick up, store (repackage/where necessary) and just-in -time in the quantity called for. WE do the complete handling and the communication with the recipient as required. This makes it possible to buy as much service you need without having to set up your own structures.