Throughout Europe and the world

Flexible import/export throughout Europe and the world

We handle the European part of import/export for any type of split or complete loads on any type of pallet, in BigBags or as loose goods. Cut to size for the load, we achieve a vehicle up to 40 tonners for a perfect fit.

Refrigerated transport

You can’t get away without flexibility in the logistics business, one of the foremost criteria. That’s why it makes sense for us to just right equipment for your refrigerated needs. That also guarantees a succession of cold storage units pursuant to the European 178/2002/EG and 37/2005/EG ordinances. But that’s not all of the vehicle equipment we deploy is equipped with a temperature recorder which means that you can be sure at all times that your goods arrive in good quality.


Safety is the number-one concern for transporting hazardous goods. That’s why you’ve made the right choice. We attach great importance to our vehicle’s equipment had have our drivers regularly scheduled for training and advanced schooling to make sure they know how to handle hazard goods responsibly
As a specialist, for transport von hazardous goods,
we are well aware of our responsibility towards co-workers, customers, the environment and people in general. That is the reason why our vehicles meet the requirements even beyond the legal provision and they are regularly adapted to the legal conditions; they are especially strict in this area. We make sure that your sensitive goods don’t have to be reloaded to prevent damage.
Give us a call – this just one more area we can show how we’re sensitive in. Germany.

Large volume- and heavy weight- transports

Naturally, we’ve got the solution everybody else has
for day-to-day jobs. It’s when a customer really gives us a challenge when we really we show our stuff. We put together a package large volume-, heavy and long-term transport all over Europe. We out our heads together with our long-term business partners to organize and package deal. As always, we take on all of the formalities from the transport permits right down to handling customs.

Keeping complexity down to a minimum

We keep our corporate structure especially flexible, enabling us to meet your needs in areas such as pick-up times thanks to uncomoplcated job
complexity completely matching your individua. That is the reason why you profit from making orders by phone. That also makes it possible for us to meet your deadlines. Finally, we can equip every vehicle category with two drivers. throughout Europe and the world. Service perks thanks to a feel for national culture.

Service extras thanks to country knowledge

On-time delivery is our by-word for fast and uncomplicated processing. After all, our co-workers is where the import comes from. They take advantage of their various languages together with a knowledge of national and trading customs to guarantee success. That includes drawing up
shipping documents, customs and overall handling right with the recipient.

Combined transport, rail & ship

Combined transport can help you to get your goods to your destination cheaper and more efficiently. Profit from these benefits especially when we’re talking large quantities or long transport routes. We pick up your goods from the internal market for goods and get them on the road. But that’s not all: You not only get a secure delivery; batching and packaging are also on your side. We have state-of-the-art equipment and a vehicle fleet in excellent condition. Our experienced logistics and trucks do their job on time supported with information and communications right on time for the future.