Project and contract logistics

Your competitive benefits

We offer our entire range of services from the transport to Europe, there and back in project and contract logistics in express logistics right down to warehousing. Profit from our structural flexibility. Beyond this, every delivery enjoys a high level of insurance.

Price reliability over the entire duration of the contract

Contracting volumes, directly handling with the recipent or also local consignment are a component of our project schedule. Here, we guarantee price reliability other the entire contract period. If you do not have human resources for this, our consignment experts also carry out local loading paperwork.

Business partner strategies for long-term cooperation

Contract logistics helps you decisevly improve you position in competition. The enormous business volume in contract logistics demand individual equipment. That is the reason why our logistics experts analyzes and consults on all of the corrections to draw up and an overall profitable strategy perfectly coordinating with all persons involved. For instance, we are the link from contract logician experts and we streamline interfaces to relieve you and your economic benefit. Contract logistics with aunnual increase rates of as much as 20 percent, it has the greatest growth potential of all logistics services areas and offers itself as a serious alternative to the classical TUL logistics (transport, through logistics and storage). Ask us about our experience and we would like to explain our reference projects.