Express logistics

Where jobs are finished almost before they begin

We put you on track for marketing success by collaborating in getting your cargo at location and on time. What does it is collabortaing putting our heads together als Ihr logisticser. That calls for constantly streamlining processes and stepping up speed. We are finding solutions to your needs while the competiton is still unwinding bottlenecks.

That’s why our customers know: whatever you order, you can rely on it being done.

90 minutes and we’re there

We’ve got novel ways to approach these problems and every strategy totally approach the needs of our customers. For example, you don’t always have to use express 40 tonners freighters on the road. We also put caddies, sprinters or 7.5- and 12 tonners on the road for trade requirements. Furthermore, all of the vehicles are maintained and the freight carrier are insured to guarantee the safety of yoar load. Beyond this, we employ two drivers for longer routes to make sure router and resting periods are complied with. Of course, as an owner-managed company, we profit from brief decisions, efficient interfaces and clear responsibilities: we need 90 minuten to load after your query is received and we operate as soon as your rush ordeis received with our strong network of trained drivers and excellent vehicles that accept your jobs on site. Direct transports without rereloading and strong contacts are two of their benefits.

Direct contact between the recipent & logistic expert – and we take on 24 hours a day

Including notification the recipent for you. With its transport guidance, we keep you informed on the current status. Furthermore, we have a 24-hour hotline that allows the customer to get in contact with us directly on the location of your delivery. This hotline is manned by one of our expert co-workers without the call-center detour, where you can also order a truck 24/7.

In express logistics, we offer you:

– special trips,
– direct trips,
– courier trips,
– air freight express
– thermos- and refrigerated transport
– project handling
– scheduled regular trips
– special hazardous goods trips