Effective Logistics on Demand Avoid unnecessary stock with Warehousing provided by MP Logistik: We are happy to become your warehouse location with corresponding services such as handling, storage and retrieval of goods, packing, commissioning, logistic information processing and a holistic supply chain solution. These services can improve the efficiency of your logistics: Due to our know-how, our experience and the amount of goods you can have economic advantages by outsourcing operations to us. Save time and costs!

Full Service Logistics Let us collect, store and - if necessary - repackage and deliver your goods in the requested amount just in time. We can take care of the complete processing and - on demand - also the communication with the recipient. That way you can buy exactly as many services as you require - without the need to establish structures on your own.

Anti-Theft and Anti-Freeze Protection We integrate warehousing services in the supply chain for procurement and distribution with the aid of a variety of picking processes and storage strategies such as FIFI, LIFO or MHD. Our skilled warehouse logisticians are trained to pack your goods suitably for transport and to apply packaging film. Delivery takes place with our own vehicle fleet on demand. For our 1,350 square meters storage space we invested in a new and modern warehouse. Our warehouse is heated, secured by an alarm system, motion detectors, magnetic and locking contacts. Thus it is suitable for frost-susceptible and theft-prone goods. Of course the rooms are clean and well-kept.