Project / Contract Logistics

Competitive Advantage Thanks to Owner-Led Company

As a part of project and contract logistics we provide the entire range of services from Europe-wide transport to Wxpress Logistics to Warehousing. The owner of MP Logistik is involved in every contract, ensuring dependable and quick communication and reliable contracts. In this area you can profit from our structural flexibility. Additionally for every delivery an excellent insurance cover is provided.

Price Security for Entire Contract Term

Contracting quantitative volumes, processing directly with the recipient and transport at your location are part of our project concept. At the same time we ensure price security for the entire term of contract. If you do not have the necessary personnel then our shipping specialists will take care of loading and documentation on site.

Partner-Like Concepts for a Long-Term Cooperation

Due to contract logistics you can significantly improve your competitive position. The vast business volume in contract logistics requires an individual arrangement. Because of that our logistics expert analyses and discusses everything and creates a profitable overall concept. A precise coordination with everybody involved follows. As contract logistician we are the connecting link and we optimize connections in order to unburden you and improve your economical benefits.

With an annual growth rate of 20% contract logistics has currently the highest growth potential of all logistics related services and can be considered a serious alternative to the classic internal logistics (transport, handling, storage). Ask us about our experience, we will be happy to provide you with reference projects!