Benefits for you

The corporate market is very extensive in the logistics trade. Just like everywhere else, it features a lot of large entities but also unfair companies. There are companies which conduct general activities, there are also those which operate in specialist fields. Certainly, everyone who conducts business activity and seeks such services arrived at the same conclusions. Sometimes, when establishing cooperation with a company, one meets a partner, sometimes a company, which is the most appropriate from the economic perspective; sometimes the given enterprise simply provides exactly what you need.

But it is equally justified (economically) to order completion of logistical tasks to third parties: This always makes it necessary to trust a third party which is to perform them. This entity often acts on your behalf in dealings with business partners, it transports materials and often stores them as well.

Meanwhile, we have been operating in the market for over ten years, and during this period we have earned the trust of numerous renown partners. We offer them a full complement of services related to logistics. Throughout Europe, we provide transport, storage, import and export. We act as a contact partner in the field of combined goods transport, we also provide special transports.

Our advantage is that all around Europe we have partners which are substantially competent, they know the local language and the country itself. These are the benefits which ensure what is the ultimate goal – quick, safe and trouble-free completion of orders.

One more thing: should you decide to contact us, you will always receive an offer: for us, no task is too complex, there is also no logistic minimum. This is what makes MP Logistk different from the competition in this field.